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KZ 750 Project

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Folks, new here just starting my KZ 750 project, my current bike is a GSX-R600 (k7) but i grew up with the big fours and keen to get this baby back on the road.. I am keen to know if its possible to use parts from other bikes (easier for supply of spares / costs) for items such as front suspension, swingarms, rear suspension, headlights, clocks etc. Getting parts in Oz aint easy and some are way to expensive.. I will post some before and after picks very soon.. Thanks in advance to you all..

Gordy 8)
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Headlight, clocks, rear suspension from KZ650 will fit. Swing arm, no. You should match up the years, if possible. I'm currently putting a 750 motor in my 650 body.

Welcome to the board, good to have another Aussie on here.
80 and 81 will fit. Clutch plates are the same, so are cables, exhaust, also. Reg/rec. wiring won't match up with stator.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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