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First try spraying WD40 or something similar into the keyhole. It may just need some lubrication.
If that doesn't help, disassembly may be necessary.

The lock plug is usually held in the lock body by a retainer pin/wafer.
The retainer usually is just a little further into the lock than the last tumbler/wafer. You may be able to see the retainer from the backside of the lock when the lock is in your hand. If not, use your key's length to judge the distance of the retainer, just past the end of the key.
There may be a poke hole in the lock body for the retainer. Same distance back as mentioned above. Use something to push in the retainer, through the poke hole, while pulling the lock plug out. Having the key in the lock and using it to pull may get it out.
If there is no poke hole, you can try drilling a small one, but knowing the correct spot can be tricky. The retainer could be on the top or bottom.

Another possable method to remove plug is probing with a pick or similar object, through the keyhole, to reach past the tumblers and find the retainer. Lifting or pressing down may release the plug allowing you to remove it.
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