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I just bought a "parts bike". It may be worth fixing instead and registering.
Does anyone have access to data bases for the old 12 digit VIN numbers?
If i can find the state it was last registered or the person, I may be able to end up
with the new title, as it has passed hands only meant to be a parts bike till now.

Any help would be appreciated, I can pay 20.00 on GovDmvRecords.com though i am
not even sure if entering the old vin number will yield anything on the site.
I was hoping a salvage yard or dealer or mechanic could offer me some help.
It seems likely that bikes like this get resurrected or upgraded from parts bike to rider,
and titles get forgotten!

The back story is it was sold at a police auction in Maryland. MDDMV has no record, and same for here in NYS. It may even have been reported stolen somewhere. I have to find out before putting money into it, if I can register it or if it belongs elsewhere....it has been sitting for about 10yrs.

thanks for any assistance or advice.

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You might consider contacting a friendly local law enforcement official. They can run an ID and generally find where it was last registered, with some exceptions. They also have access to NCIC, which may show where the bike was originally entered into the system. This would tell you where it came from, possibly.

The hardest thing is finding someone willing to help out. You might ask one if you know one - the cold call thing rarely works out. . . .

Good luck!!

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I also attempted a similar thing in IA and WI ( I moved during the process) with an old BSA I got for free with no title. At the end of the day it was going to cost me quite a bit ($300+)to just apply for a new title and there was no gaurantee that I would even get it. I ended up just selling it as a parts bike and moving on.

I also did the same thing for my 550 though, but with different results. Just tracked the guy who last had it titled by word of mouth and bought him a case of beer and paid for the replacement title and he was more than willing to help. I also told him it was a rolling frame, not that I had it running and it was looking pretty nice :)

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I ran into the very same problem with an xs 650. What a pain in the *** to figure it out.

First things first. The previous owner is protected by the privacy act. It is a felony for anyone to divulge this information to you.

Do everything legally, that way nobody can come and take away years and $1000's of dollars of work that you put into it.

First thing is to know the distinction of two separate entities, one being your state court the other the department of motor vehicles. To take ownership you must satisfy BOTH entities. The court will establish ownership then the DMV will issue you a title.

If you have a bill of sale go to your local court house and file for a declaritory judgement that way a judge will see your paper work and can award you sole ownership at a later hearing.

After establishing a need to find the original owner(remember that **** privacy act) you then will be able to find out who owns the motorcycle legally from the DMV and contact them about the lawsuit you will be filing. If they won't send you the title or refuse to get a lost title and sign it over to you, RECORD YOUR PHONE CALL TO THEM. This evidence can be used in a court of law, just make sure at the beginning of your conversation you tell them that it's being recorded (**** privacy act). If they say it was stolen and file a police report a year ago you're **** outta luck and need to give it up.
Then again if they threaten to file a stolen vehicle report, remind them the consequences of lying to the police.

But most of all be NICE and RESPECTFUL!!!

The guy I dealt with was an ******* from day one claiming it was stolen, to he pawned it, to he sold it to a scrap yard. I said get me the lost title and sent him $75 for his trouble. He never did it!His name is Jack Poole from Tampa and is a piece ****, never do business with Jack Poole, he's scumbag as big as they com......Back to what we're doing here.

I did go to court and was issued ownership and then the DMV issue me a title under the judges order. It cost me $355 + $20 for Jack Poole's supoena.

Only after doing all of this a friend of a friend said he owned a towing company and would tow it. Then contact the owner after the cost of storage was higher than the value of the motorcycle. Then he would have an auction and sell it back to me..... This a last resort option because the owner could come and buy it back.

In a nut shell:

1)Go to your court house and file for a declaritory judgement hearing. (in Fl it's $355)

2)Take your declaritory judgement hearing information to your department of motor vehicles. Find ot the legal owner. Make sure there are no liens on it.
3) Contact the owner and tell them of the hearing and have the court's issue a supoena ($20 - $55)
40 Go to your hearing and get the order from the judge declaring you the rightful owner.
4) Go to the DMV and file for a title.

It took me three months to get mine along with about a day of missed work.
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