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Hello Kawasaki motorcycle forum mechanics. ive just purchased a 1982 kawasaki KZ305 CSR chain drive motorcycle. First kawasaki! Woo.
so i am in search of a wiring diageam thats clear and readable on screen. All the ones ive come across for my specific bike are not clear and readable. And i am not trying to spend any money on a manual. I downloaded a pdf manual that is green and says kz250 kz305 motorcycle service manual and it looks like the bike in question but the wiring diagram in that manual says its for a kz250 A1-A3 b1&b2 and its not very clear.
Any help is much appreciated ! Cheers.
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You need to go to the Supplement section of the green cover service manual.
Your wiring diagram is on page 255.
You are welcome.
Of course, the best wiring diagrams are found in hardcopy factory service manuals; Full colour and excellent resolution. You get what you pay for.
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