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kz550front air shocks

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I've picked up a nice 81 KZ550 LTD with 20k and put about 3k miles on it. The front air shocks don't hold air very long. They only take about 10 psi so it would be nice if I could use a small hand pump with guage attached and "Y" manifold hose to connect both sides and pump. Then I could top off before each ride. Does anyone sell such a setup.
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oldcoldankles said:
Don't you just love those KZ550's :grin:
I tried a bicycle pump but it took it up to about 18 psi, so now I use my buddy's pump - he rides a 2000 HD Electra Glide, and bought it from the dealer. The pump is a very small plastic one with an built in guage and releases very little pressure when you take it off the valve. Mine seems to hold pressure quite well - for months at a time. Good luck with it.
Thanks. I'll go looking for a pump
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