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KZ650 ring compressor p/n 57001-531 price drop

Up for sale is a Kawasaki KZ650 Ring Compressor P/N 57001-531. It is in great shape and comes in a Genuine Kawasaki metal box. It won't work for any other bike as far as I know except I am not sure about KZ750/4s. It won't work with a KZ900/1000 cylinder install.

Why drive yourself crazy installing a cylinder onto your KZ650 when this tool is available. It has little notches at the back for aligning on the rear cylinder studs and the parts that compress the rings are very specific for the size/spacing of KZ650 pistons.

I have this part on eBay right now for $175 plus shipping but will sell to anyone who PMs me here for $145 plus shipping... should be around $25 in CONUS. Realized that price was out of line as I had no initial idea how much to charge.

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