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I'm wearing the Scorpion Elektra jacket in my profile pic. I've tried many icon, joe rocket and scorpion jackets and this has been the best fit by far. One thing I'll mention though is I went down on it (at a fairly high speed). I slid on the back of the jacket which is fine but somehow I ended up ripping open my arms (not badly, I still wear it around now). It's longer in the sleaves and in length, and tighter in the waist then most other jackets I've tried.

I'm looking around for something now. All I have to say is Vika is hot but I'd stay away from it. It's thinner and 'softer' then most other jackets. The other alpinestar stuff has a good rep and Dainese is amazing (which is what I'm looking into now after a few years of riding and hearing nothing but good from them)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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