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I think that the brakes on the ZX-10 are efficient enough stock. if you are exceeding the Maximum posted Speed LIMIT and need these brakes then they are probably worth changing to when you wear out yor existing ones or are close to it. More important than breaks are the tires that you have on yor bike. if they can not handle the brakes that you install you will lock them up and that means sure disaster. You want to put extra money into yor bike and be very sure of what you have invest in the very best tire that you can find and depend upon the factory brakes, which work fine to stop you...the tires are the weak point not the brakes...I'm very honest and straight shooting in my OPINION, and in my opinion I'd buy the BEST tires that you can find and keep an extra pair at home so that you don'thave to wait for them when you need them...ALAYS keep a spare pair at home...even if you are buying them through a dealer or from an outlet store...brakes stop you but the tire does most of the work...or you would be laying on the road.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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