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CONTACT BEARTOOTH KAWASAKI at their 1-800 number. Not only can they tell you who has one they can ship one to their dealer nearest to you. It shouldn't cost a dime more. Otherwise ask them where and go get it...I'd prefer to go get it anyway, myself. Our local dealer is not a Beartooth dealer and they are quite snuffy. I went in wearing a pair of levis and a flannel shirt, and tennis shoes and didn't get much attention. Same exact time the following week except wearing a white shirt, Dockers, sport jacket and dress shoes and I had three of them running over bikes to assist me. I was really upset with these guys and dealership, and I wouldn't take my prospective bike there for anything. I'd drive 33 miles in the opposite direction (just happen to be Beartooth dealer too).
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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