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Looking pros and cons of 03-1500 Classic

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If anybody owns one of these carbed 03's, I'd like to know what you think of the bike in general, good or bad. I am a couple of days away from buying one with 5400 miles (9000 kilometers) Agreed price = $6000.00 :biggrin:
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I have one and am very pleased with it. I have no issue with having a carburetor and in fact since you only have one carb its easy(and cheap) to dial in to any exhaust and intake mods you may want to make. I have about 20,000 miles on mine and it has been a good reliable bike.
That's good to hear...thanks.;)
The color is like a maroon and silver. Does look nice I think.

VulcanCowboy, looks like I may be dropping out of the *800 Club* too.
I wouldn't expect to get the same gas mileage, almost twice the the engine, so that's quite logical and acceptable to me. The comfort for two up will be much better now with this bad boy. What did you pay for your 04, and how many miles did it have on it ? (if you don't mind me asking) ;)
Thanks for the responses guys. Keep em' coming lol
Wow, I should move to the states. I searched high and low for the last few weeks in just about every Cdn magazine, newspapers, Internet, Bike Trader and dealers, and this was truly the utmost best I could find around here. I found this bike in the province of Quebec, and compared to Ontario prices here, it was incredibly low.
As far as the 1600 goes, didn't look at them at all, cause I didn't want one basically. I love the looks of the 800, 900, and 1500 Classic Vulcans. To each his/her own though.
Those of you who live in the States have to understand something. A new bike here in Canada, cost 3 or 4 thousand more for the same bike than you do. So it only stands to reason, that the trade in value is higher than what you pay for a good used in the States. What is bothering us Canadians right now is that even though our Cdn peso is stronger than yours, cars and bikes are maintaining their high retail and wholesale prices. Someone is making money somewhere, but it certainly isn't the Canadian consumer. So trust me when I say $6000.00 for this 03 with 5400 miles, is a great price according to all of the Canadian friends I've talked to and with the thorough research I did on it.

Spok ~ Are you saying that your 04 with 29k miles is ready do be traded ?? Man, we just break em' in at that mileage lol I often see Vulcans of various size with over 100,000 miles on them (160,000 kilometers) Your 29,000 miles is equal to our 50,000 kilometers here. With kilometers it makes it look worse, cause us older guys remember the Imperial days, until they introduced the **** metric system here. Anyway, unless you have your eye on an even bigger bike, I certainly would not be entertaining the thought of selling or trading a bike like yours with those kind of miles. That, or it's darn nice to have money LOL.
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