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looking to buy a kx125, yz125 etc

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does anyone know of any good deals on a kx125, yz125, cr125 etc for 1000?
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yea im selling my yamaha dt 125 for 750 but i live in england?

i have a dt125 alredy m8.. wot year is urs? i have a 1983 model lol.. iv sooped it up like a c*nt!!!! lol
i live in england as wel
im looking for a crosser to start racing
yh lol where bouts do u live?
n wat sort of bike u lookin 4.
i live near leicester.. oakham actually but i am looking for a kx250, yz250, cr250F or a ktm 125
I have a sweet 94 KX-125 for 1250. It runs verys trong and is in in great shape w/many extras. Never raced.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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