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Ive gotten a newer bike so I dont have to ride this everyday nor do I have to ride it long distances.....I can make it as cool and uncomfortable as I want.

Im looking for stuff on the easy and cheap.

I was thinking about some clubman bars and a 1/4 fairing.....but dont think I can get the "cafe racer" look without changing out the seat/seat pan. As a 315lb rider I cant force myself to go without that cushy seat for the look.....I have to draw the line there.

What suggestions do you guys have, perhaps some pictures to give me ideas.

Its already had the front lights stripped off, some lowered shocks, drag bars, pod filters, Kerker 4 into 1s (with no baffles).

It looks nice enough.....just want to jazz it up a bit.

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You don't have to give up the comfy seat to have a sporty looking KZ. Check out the team MOMBA Kawasaki on this link.

Team MOMBA Swap Meet Superbike - The Kneeslider

Add some number plates or make a new tail section that meets the top edge of the passenger seat. Bring the tail light in and up and ditch the rear fender. Be creative. A"cafe racer" was made to be light and fast. There is no set formula on how one should be, it's up to the creative genius of the builder.
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