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Hi friends,

I just recently purchased a motor (1983 Kawasaki 250) not exactly sure if its a KDX?? but looked like one on the internet. I want to customize my existing Chinese Trike. (My wife thinks Im nuts).

So, Currently have a gy6 50cc motor on it and wasn't EVER satisfied with its performance. I installed a 100cc big bore and gained very little. I found this motor online cheap, bought it and cleaned it all up.
Well... as most could guess, I'm missing a few parts to just get this motor running. I need to buy a suitable coil, plug wire, carb and cdi. Anyone have any tips or ideas as to my project I would gladly receive.

As to the clutch and gear shifting ( I have few ideas ) I figure that running a cable to the handle bars for clutch and throttle wouldn't take a lot. But the foot shifter is another story...maybe a suicide handle possibility?? dunno yet.. ideas would be invited on that part.

Im also missing the chain sprocket cover on the motor ( I believe I will need this b/c the clutch pin would fall out without it.. so its necessary and would complete the look of the motor.

Thanks for reading, please comment if you could give some ideas or have any needed parts. ill post a few photos later, after I'm finished work for the day. have a great day/evening.

Andy Hammond/ Las Vegas, Nevada.
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