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Loud exhaust

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I just had dealer install V&H Cruzer exhaust on my 800. man does it sound mean! so mean my wife and all the neighbors hate to see me start my bike. need advice on how to tone it down. it has removeable baffles that are wrapped in fiberglass but are a straight through design.thanks for your help.
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Good question. I am having the same problem with my wife's 1100 V-star. The Cobra pipes look great and sound, well, too **** loud. It's getting so I insist on riding in the lead..... the baffles in these don't even have a place for glass wrap.
Hope someone has a good idea for fixing this situation. We thought of putting the original pipes back on, but in this bike, with stock exhaust, you must REMOVE THE EXHAUST to get the oil filter out, belive it or not. The Cobra pipes are lower :wink:
hey x-wing thought I would tell you about my little fix I thought of for the loud exhaust. take your baffles out if you can and weld or glue with high-temp silicone metal washers about the size of the diameter of your baffle. the smaller hole in the washer restricts the sound. it seems to have worked for me. good luck.

kawkrazy has the idea-get some thick stainless steel washers and put them
in-they will quiet it down pretty good-those cruziers are loud :lol:
Let's see if I have this straight..... I can take the baffle out and essentially cap the exit end, leaving a smaller exit hole. That's it? Now why didn't I think of that? What size hole did you leave in yours and was it a major or minor sound reduction? I'll let you know how it works for us....
x-wing actually I capped the motor end but you could do exit end. the washers I used had a center hole about the size of your index finger. it cut sound by one third to half. just right for me. still alot less risriction than stock exhaust. I ran this mod by my dealer. they said no problem that they have heard of that fix also
Hey, Kaw, I had the chance to try the washer routine. The washers I made were 2.06" O.D. with a 1.00" hole. I put them on the motor end of the baffles and I guess the hole needs to be smaller as there was not a noticable decrease in sound volume. I will try it with some smaller holes. How much can I restrict the exhaust flow before I need to worry about the fuel mixture being too rich? I had the largest jets installed in the carb when the pipes were put on.

You can't get anyway to position soem stainless steel screen in there and keep it in/ The more you have the less noise...
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