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First of all it is very dangerous to lower the bike. If you wnat to lower it some then go to a lower profile tire of the same width...i.e. 140X75X17 you could go to a 140X55X17 the profile is in the middle. The lower the back the more stable straight line riding will be but you may notice a little turning difference if you are one to really corner hard all the time. You can also lower your front end by changing the front end profile and even change the width from 120 to 110 and the profile as well. yo will find that stickier tires are more expoensive, but in the end dropping your bike just one time will save you more than just what the tires would cost brand new. another way to effectively lower the seat is to take it to a boat shop and have them use closed cell boam like they use in boat cushions. It is not like sponge foam it is more like plastic closed cell foam closer to a gell material like they use in shoes. they can set your seat up not only to be lower in height but to be much more comfortable, they can adjust for the width and how far forward or how far back you need to be from the tank and handlebars...and then recover it with stock material or custom cover it with boat interior material...it's about the same stuff anyway. Removing the shock and trying to lower it that way is a mess with getting the right parts and then you have the front end fork tubes an springs as well as the now changed volume of fork oil to uuse,,,something very tricky to do unless you are in the racing business. I hope that this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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