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So I ordered the 240 fat tire kit for my 900 Custom with the Dunlop 240/40-18 tire. The tire is a radial. Meancycles told me the matching front tire is the Dunlop 90/90-21 but it's a bias ply tire. I emailed Dunlop and here is their response:

"Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your motorcycle tire
questions. Bias and radial tires have significantly different dynamic
properties. They deflect differently, create different cornering forces,
have different damping characteristics, as well as other differences. In
order for radial tires to be introduced into the two-wheel market, it was
necessary to change certain characteristics of the motorcycle. The
introduction of the radial tire led to such things as modified frames, new
steering geometries and suspensions. Therefore, it is recommended that a
motorcycle be used with the type of tire construction that it came with
originally. If a change is to be made, then it should only be done if the
motorcycle or tire manufacturer has approved the change. Above all, do not
mix bias ply and radial tires on the same motorcycle unless it is with the
approval of the motorcycle or tire manufacturer (i.e., Victory and H/D will
mix match sometimes). Victory actually uses the 90/90-21 (bias), and
250/40-18 (radial) together. "

I haven't tried to contact Kawasaki but I'm sure their lawyers would tell me to run OEM rubber.

I'm undecided on whether to run the Dunlop front or look for another radial in that size. Thanks for any help.

Links to tires:
Dunlop TireElite 3 Bias

Dunlop TireElite 3 Radial

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I enjoy running radials as the cornering characteristics and ride smoothness along with mileage are improved substantially, and the price for Excedra 850 series vs 700 series are almost the same. I would say it is probably okay to run a bias on the read and a radial on the front but not the other way around.

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That was a long email with little to no information. That pretty much tells you their concerns on the legal side.

I don't believe running two different tires would matter in this case. Even if they are the same brand the rear is much wider and in some cases the thread is not even the same if you compare them. For a example, check out the Avon Venum, the rear wheel thread is different than the front one therefore I'm running a Venum in the rear and a Metzler in the front.
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