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maybe not oil

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well i found two little pin holes in the exhaust of the ninja 250r, its probably spraying moisture on the ground(maybe normal operation???) which made me think it was oil, but does anyone know if the 250r is supposed to have a noisy engine??? it kind of ticks at idle and when i get on the gas it goes away, but it sounds like valves. OH!, this might help the tick gets a little louder when i put the kickstand down. i dunno the bike only has 1000 miles on it. if anyone knows please help.
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First thing to do is to change the oil and filter, but because it doesn't have enough miles on it yet for synthetic. Run 20-50 in it for now,and after it runs check the oil level because you will have to add once the filter soaks some of it up. Check the coolant resivoir to make sure it is betweeen the low and hi levels. DOn't worry about the steam coming from the exhaust holes...IF you are though, just fold a paper towel and place it under the bike when it is parked. the next morning se what it is by smelling it and holding up to the light...you should be able to tell What year bike? Change to PRemium fuel and see if the tick goes away,and buy it at a full price service station not a discount place...I can explain later!!! If you still think htat the engine is making noise then have someone else look at it. make sure that you remove everything from under the seat for the next check and remove all but the ignition key from the switch...check that your license plate bolts are tight...let us know what you find...Also soak your spark plugs in White vinegar over night and blow dry them before you check the clearance on them...and put just a dab of oil on the plugs befor you start them by hand and DO not over tighten them. Steel plugs can strip out aluminum heads pretty easy...just snug them in pretty good...
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