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I purchased a brand new Suzuki Marauder 1600 about a month ago. As you probably know, it's actually a Kawasaki Mean Streak 1600. I have about 1100 miles on it now.

Since new, it has made a noise that sounds like spark knock, or pre-ignition, whenever I give it throttle. Part-throttle, full-throttle, it doesn't matter. At first I thought it was valve noise until I realized that it only made the sound when I was accelerating. It sounds exactly like spark knock in a badly tuned car.

The bike has had its 600 mile break-in service. It runs great, has plenty of power, and I love its looks and handling. If this noise is normal, I can ignore it, but in thirty years and ten bikes, I've never had one make this sound.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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