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Mean Streak Missfire

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Went for a ride today and on constant throttle the engine started missfiring.
On acceleration it was all OK.
Bike is fitted with Hypercharger,V&H Bigshots and PC III.
Anyone else had this type of problem before?
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I have an '04 mean streak and one advantage over most. I am employed at Superbike Specialties. I deal with after market parts all day. I have a similar set up on mine. I have a Hypercharger with HardChrome 3 inch straights and a PC III. Mine was breathing fire in the begining. Make certain that you have the proper map loaded in the power comander. Once you are sure that you do all should be well with the misfiring issue. If you start to get a backfiring issue on decleration turn the zero throttle position up 4 or 5 and it helps with that. Have fun.
Aussie there could be a million things going on here..but I bet it's something simple. :)
First off..is that a custom map on your PCIII or a standard one. Each bike is different and a basic map will get you by..but a custom map will make both you and the bike much happier.
Also when you changed out to the hypercharger did you plug all the EPA stuff? If not this can cause some backfiring and popping..but usually only on decel.
Also check the pipes at the heads and make sure they're not getting a leak. This will play havoc with the bike. (I just get in the garage and use a candle or something next to the heads and see if it gets flickered by an exhaust leak) :)
Thanks Guys
My bike has a custom map done on a dyno.
One problem the tuner had was that the rpm settings are reading double the actual engine speed. This means the map is adjusted at 500rpm intervals not 250rpm. Still waiting for an answer from Dynojet with no luck yet.
The bike has been fine for a couple of months since the tune and only started this occasional surging at constant throttle last time I rode it. Last rode it a couple of weeks ago as it's been raining here but will check it out this weekend for exhaust leaks etc.
Someone thinks I may have picked up some bad fuel but as I use the same fuel in my car from the same station with no problems I doubt it.
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