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Metzeler M1's or Dunlop 208's on zx7??

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I have ridden with the Metzeler MEz1 tires on my zx7 for years, and love them. It's time for new tires, and I'm deciding on the M1's or the Dunlop 208's. My gut feeling is to stick with metzeler since I loved the MEz1 tires that I have used for years, but someone is telling me to go with the Dunlop 208's. Does anyone have comments on the 208's running on a zx7? How 'bout the M1's on a zx7? Thanks.
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I have had 3 sets of 208's on my 7R and I loved them. They were super sticky, but I was going through them too fast. I just put a set of Metzler M1's on and I really like them. They have plenty of grip and a better profile than the 208's. I instantly felt comfortable on them, and I'm going to put another set on when these wear out. Both the 208's and the M1's are good tires. It would depend on what kind of riding you do on which I would recommend.
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