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Anyone going to the Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days event this year?

It's a three day event starting on July 16 and going to July 18.

It's held at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course just outside of Lexington, OH.

This is sponsered by the AMA, so their website has more information. Mid-Ohio's website has some details as well.

I have gone to at least 5 of these events, and there is something for everyone, as long as you like motorycles.

There is camping at the track, giant flea market, auction, vintage bike racing, demo rides, and much more.

People come from all over to this, so it's a good way to meet new and interesting people who share the same interest in motorcycles as we all do. Plus, you can check out all the bikes that people bring with them and pick up valuable tips and information from fellow enthusiasts.

It's a more low key event than, say, a superbike race, and the numbers who participate are lower, which makes the event that much better for my money.

The event attracts all types of riders; long distance tourers, cruisers, sports bikes, classic bikes, one off custom jobs, cafe racers, you name it, and I'll bet you can find it there.

And your money will be better spent, as the fees for paddock, grandstand, event teeshirt, etc., are much more reasonable than for a full blown event. Paddock entry is actually free.

The surrounding countryside is populated with fun and entertaining roads, and the city of Lexington is open and friendly to the yearly influx of bike enthusiasts. There are plenty of nice places to eat, and nice roads to ride.

So, if you think you and some of your friends might want to ride up (or down) to it, I highly recommend it; spread the word.

I'm sure you'll find something to interest you, and make you want to come back again next year.

Ride safe ....
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