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You guys know I love my Ninja 250. What could be better?

*** A RAINBOW OF NINJA 250's! ***

These are the Minnesota Ninja 250 riders that I know (sorted by wavelength):
Curt - red - Saint Paul
Tashia L - black/yellow - St. Paul
Josh W - green/black - Duluth
Jack - green/purple - St. Paul
Charles H - blue - St. Michael
Eric B - black/purple - Minneapolis
Anyone to add to the list?

Winter is definitely on the way, so if we're going to have a ride this year, we need to get on the stick. How does Saturday October 2 sound? How about if we all meet at my home in St. Paul at 1pm? I can't do it any earlier. We can do any maintenance there before or after the ride: wash & wax, tire pressures, chain lube & adjust, oil change, etc. I can provide the tools and soft drinks.

Now what about a destination? Red Wing? St. Croix Falls? Or maybe just a local resturaunt like Famous Dave's or something? Any other ideas? I know Josh would love a ride through Jay Cook State Park.

So who's up for it? Does anyone know Jack's phone number or email address? Does anyone know any other Ninja 250 riders in MN? I'm posting this at http://www.kawasakimotorcycle.org/forum and at http://www.ninja250.net . Does anyone know anywhere else that I should post? Thanks.
the first part of my email is "faithmp", and the second part is "@comcast.net"
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