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I figured I'd make a channel on the irc network I am a part of. This is good for general convo's and possibly instant answers if I or someone else is around.

Also check out #ghostchat

Pick a nickname and a alternative

click ADD

enter this information, you can call the server whatever you want

For the server info use 'freakinout.dhs.org' port '6667' (take off the ' ')

Click Perform and make sure the checkboxes are like mine

Enter this info in the perform, but replace Freakinout with your nick, and password with your password that you registered with. I'll give you the command line of how to register at the end.

make sure these checkboxes are the same as mine.

To register your nick go through the first 3 steps, then register by typing

/msg nickserv register password

that should work flawlessly, then go back and finish the rest of the steps and you should be good to go. Please PM or e-mail me, or aim, or any of the other mIRC gurus on here.
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