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Hello all, wonder who is here and who isn't...did the Bull ever get painted? I have been in my little hole all winter and haven't checked into much. But to make up for it I have pics.

Anyone that's been on a V2K knows that she will pummel you with the wind coming over that headlight and straight down the tank. I have been wanting something to deal with the wind from about my second week on her.

Originally had plans to build/modify one of my own. Even bought parts off ebay. But my designs were too complicated and could never figure out how. The only other shield I have even come close to liking was the Switchblade Deflector from National Cycle. (Actually I love the flyscreen too but not sure it would work at all on the Green Damsel other than look cool.)

While I was doing research...somehow my subconscious took over. I was like...'hey i need to click this button to see shipping costs'....DOH! I got to see shipping costs alright...cause I just bought it from ebay! HA HA HA. Well got the shield(new) and hardware(used) for about $225, not bad at all.


I have been out about three days with the shield on and I love it. Takes all the force of the wind off my chest...but I still have LOTS of wind moving around me. It doesn't detract from the bike at all and was super easy to put on. (Well I did have to apply all 240lbs of me to the shield mounts to make them snap onto the fork mounts.)

The only issue I have right now (and I have done NO adjustments) is that right at 60-70 the wind is coming straight into chin of my helmet. Not horrible, but definitely different. I am sure that if I straighten it up a bit that would be gone. At 80 the wind is higher and less turbulence.

Bike seems to run fine with it. I do notice just a bit more waggle on the front that I am used to...but nothing horrible I am am just used to her sitting hard on the road at >1100lbs combined weight. LOL.

Hope everyone is healthy! Hope y'all are ready for the weather to turn.
Missed ya!


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Now get the NC lowers. You'll think you have a windshield.


I can't find a better pic, but I'm posting anyway
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