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Missing VIN

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I have a 1985 kz550 and it only has a 12 digit code on the head stock. That same code is on aLL the stickers as weLL.
Did VINs used to be printed somewhere eLse? The bike shouLd be younger than 17 digit VIN.
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Well a couple of possibilities to explain why you have a 12 digit serial number instead of the 17 digit VIN.
1) Your bike was imported from a country that was not using a 17 digit VIN in 1985
2) Your bike is not actually a 1985 model.
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Agreed photos of the bike and the 12 digit number would help. Are we talking about a KZ or GPZ model by any chance?

The VIN or serial number were always found on the headstock AFAIK for all Kawasaki bikes.
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According to your frame serial number you have a 1981 KZ550C2 LTD. But that bike was chain drive so it looks like someone converted it to shaft drive. Can you post the engine serial numbers?
That's a nice Suzuki in the background, is that the 250cc?
Ok that makes more sense Martin. But CCHRATX said it was shaft drive so I am not sure what is going on there.

Yes I had checked on CycleChaos and the frame number would indicate a 1981 KZ550 C2 LTD.
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