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well i will make it quick
1) can you ajust your floats from the bench with the carbs level an a long tube from the tank . so that you do not have to put them on the bike 4 times??

2)i put new diaphrgams on but not jet needles &that plastic spacer in the slide ?? should the spacer move freely up an down in the slide mine are tight .. or should i replace both needle an spacer??

3) i removed all parts from the carbs an seperated them to dip them in carb cleaner now that i have replaced the diaphrgams (the bike is 20 yrs old ) should i reset the air mixture screw ,i put them back to the orginal setting ,which was weird one was 1 1/2 turns another was 2 1/2 from the factory is that normal
any help would be great ,fenny 777
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