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More pics of the 78 KZ1000

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Not the best, was in a hurry to get some. Here they are:

Actual mileage. Had 14,766 when I got it.

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wow, that kow looks super sweet. i kinda wanna do some changes on mine. but here she is.

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kawasakikid38 that bike looks wicked! Very Nice.

The swingarm is what 6-7inches over?
thanks love2ride,
it looks like ur bike is in mint condition. well, as for my swingarm its a 8-10 over.
no,no, i ride this baby all the time but winter. it hasn't seen the track at all. but, i wanna have it tested their. i was ganna do it in the summer but never got to make it their, was riding all the time. but this coming summer i'm ganna try to make it. but, its not a race bike guys its all show,lol. plus, i don't want to beat the **** out of it, i want to babie her so she treats me good.lol

now to get a longer swingarm. i like the way the 8-10 looks on your bike. did you happen to lower the front any?

was the swingarm custom made? i cant seem to find any that are extended, just beefier and wider.
yes, i lowerd my front like two inch. and a friend of mine made my swing arm for me. it was one of those, u do 4 me and i do 4 u deals. all i had to do was pay 4 the metal. $40. a steel if you ask me, but hay, what r friends 4 right???lol. well we both were happy. i was looking before he made mine but the cost was a bit too much 4 me.$300-$500.
not at all. thats what i do. any way i can help just ask.
1 - 8 of 28 Posts
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