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I recently purchased an aluminum motorcycle lift from Harbor Freight Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices . I used it for the first time yesterday so I could replace the shocks on my '06 Mean Streak with VTX shocks.

While trying to decide where on the frame to position the lift, it appears that the only location towards the rear of the bike where the frame is below the engine case is where the two vertical tabs are located. Anywhere farther forward (in front of the drain plug), and the engine case looks to hang below the frame rails. I'm very leery of lifting the bike via the engine, so I managed by positioning just one lift pad under the vertical tabs, which was rather "iffy", since it placed the entire load on one side of the lift. How does everyone else handle this problem?

By the way, the lift appears to be very well made and was a bargain at $129.00.
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