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Motorcycle Registration

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I recently bought a 2003 Meanstreak and can not believe that here in Mississippi the plates are costing me $300 a year. :evil: How about y'all what do you pay? If your tag cost is low do you pay a seperate property tax yearly to your town or county? Here in MS you register your vehicles at the tax collector so I truly believe that most of what I am paying is property tax. I always thought that motorcyle registration was cheaper, guess I was wrong.
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In Kansas if I buy a vehicle I pay a Personal Property tax each year on the value of each one then I pay for tags once but registration each year as well. The State Personal Property Tax is paid through the motor Vehicle Office and they just look up the taxes then you pay registration and get a new decal for the original tag that you bought each year. My 2000 Windstar was like $300 for property taxes and registration this year... My 72 chevy truck was only $56.00
I think North Carolina is 3% of the bike's value.
rcivic97 said:
I think North Carolina is 3% of the bike's value.
It's a percentage of the bike's/vehicle's "real" (resale) value. And if I'm not mistaken it depends on the county you're in. Taxes are owed whether the vehicle has tags or not. Tags are $17 anually.
I live in Upstate New York. My motorcycle Regitration costs $14.00 a year. It expires every April 30.

We have property taxes which we pay to our town or city, which varies depending on the value of your home.

Since I rent, I don't pay property taxes, it's up to my Land Lord, which includes it into the cost of my rent. I pay $310 a month for an apartment that has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, living room, kitchen, and dining room. It's good to be friends with the land lords family :lol:
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