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MS seat how they attatch

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I am thinking about getting a more frendly passenger seat. I was wondering how they mount compared to the stock seat. It the rear seat bolt on the fender used? I just cant picture in my head how they are mounted. Thanks.
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They are just dead on replacement seats on my 1600 remove the one fender bolt pull back and and the pillon seat is off.
Then take off the two bolts on the driver seat and lift up should be the same on 1500 and the mean streak.now go ride.Phil
Hi Whistle did not buy it yet but i have had the seat off of my 1600 real easy to take off .As for the mustang seat all i can isgreat i had it on my 03 volusia and i loved it .
GO for it you will not be sorry Phil.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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