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MS seat how they attatch

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I am thinking about getting a more frendly passenger seat. I was wondering how they mount compared to the stock seat. It the rear seat bolt on the fender used? I just cant picture in my head how they are mounted. Thanks.
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easy to install, saves your A#@ (backside)

I got the two piece with the driver back rest. It goes on just in just a couple of minutes. As far as comfort? Well, this may sound like I have stock in the company but, the first day I put it on I took the bike out and put 400 miles on it and I felt great. There is no way I would have done that on the original seat. I would have had a numb rear end long before. Along with the Driver back seat, foot pegs, and the throttle master it was like sitting in a easy chair (almost). Best investment to comfort on my bike to date.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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