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I'm new to this forum...hopefully someone out there will be able to respond.
I want to purchase a new NINJA 250R. I've been looking on-line at
the cost info, and everything I've seen says the MSRP is $2999. My
local dealer says there has been a price increase, and the new MSRP
is now $3399. Is this true? Could someone please verify this info?
Also, if the new price is accurate, what is the dealer cost, and what
should I be able to buy the motorcycle for (allowing the dealer a
"reasonable" profit).
Thanks for taking the time to respond!!

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Your dealer is simply lieing because he wants more money... the MSRP hasn't changed for months.

I had one dealer add up all the costs and try to charge me about $4500 for the same bike another dealer charged me $3350. Obviously there were a bit of a difference in their ethics. Buyer beware! Go off what Kawasaki.com says, that's an official statement from the company, not some greedy dealership.

If that dealership wants to charge you $3399 for the bike out the door that's not bad... but if they start adding charges on top of that, start walking to another dealer...

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The '03 ex500 I bought recently had an MSRP of $4799 according to the web site. The dealer I was at tried to tell me it was $500 higher.

MSRP does stand for Manufacturer SUGGESTED Retail Price.

Call bullshit on the dealer and tell him you'll pay $2200. Stick to your guns on it. The salesman will go back and forth a few times "trying to get you a good deal". I told the saleman I'd give $4000 plus TT&L. Finally after playing the sales game for a bit, we settled on $4250 + TT&L.

Document fees are crap, you can refuse to pay them, the "dealer prep" costs may be kind of high (complain if it's over $150), but they do have to pay the shop tech and such.

Maybe it's just the fact that I used to sell cars, but I hate salesman games.

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First off, left me say sorry for the temporary Thread Hi-Jack.... :LOL:

ekinnee said:

Where did you get the Corbin? Is that the one with the back rest on it for your passenger?
I bought the Corbin Gun fighter seat from Corbin at the Americade Motorcycle Ralley in Lake George,NY. I bought it for $187 total. That included S&H, it was a show special they were running. I didn't get the passenger back rest, that is an option I can still add on, but for another $200. I also got it with the Carbon-Fiber patterned leather. Looks really sharp.

Here's a pic, It was taken before the Fender Eliminator kit.

That seat makes a huge difference. I tried going back to the stock seat, but I couldn't. The bike felt uncomfortable and didn't feel right driving. I threw the Corbin back on after only 30 minutes with the stock seat.
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