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mule 2010

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I have just purchased an older mule and it has been converted to run on LP. Anyone know how to convert it back to gas? I have never owned a mule before.

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It will be necessary to replace the LP system with a fuel tank, pump, and carb made for the 2010. You will want to pick up a repair manual before you tackle the job if you are not well versed in working on gasoline engines. It may be necessary to retard the timing to handle gasoline, propane has much higher octane than gasoline.

You can go to Kawasaki's website and then to Owners Info and the follow the links to the parts diagrams and put in your machine's model # and look at the fuel system components for an idea of what is involved.

There is a real plus to staying on propane. The engine will never wear out, the valves will never burn, and you have more power with propane if it was set up professionally.

Thanks for the reply. I believe I will stay with the propane.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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