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Mule 2500

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Just purchased a mule 2500 that runs! It does have an igintion problem with #2 cylinder in that it fouls out the plug in no time. I do not know how to determine the year or anything else on it. Any help to this newbie will be appreciated. Also a suggestion on where I can pick up a shop manual for this brute would also be appreciated. The orginal owner sold it becasue they could not find anyone who could sort out the problem with the miss. It has 1100 hours on it and it looks very clean. The seller gave me the name of the mechanic that worked on it and said the engine tested out fine and that it has to be an ignition problem but could not trace it down.
This Mule has a hydralic dump bed, windshield and snow plow (hyd). I am emberassed to say what I paid for it. I figure the hydraulic pump is worth what I paid for the unit.
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If the 2500 has the same V-twin engine setup as the 3000 series. I just fixed my sister-in-laws. The air filter was soaked with fuel and the air filter housing had fuel/oil mixture in it. The air box drain under the carb air box was completely full of a gas/oil/blow-by mixture. From what I can tell, once it starts missing it runs down past the rings and raises the oil level besides diluting it. the crankcase vent system then draws in the fumes and they have too much fuel in them to ignite so perpetuate the problem. Check the oil level and if it is high, change the oil and filter with the correct grade for your weather and keep it mid scale rather than topped off. Check the air filer by removing it and with new/cleaned spark plugs and the air box cleaned up, see how it runs. the one I worked on ran just fine until I slid the filter back in the housing and it stalled out. Removed the filter and it started and ran OK again. Filter showed plenty of light through it but smelled like gasoline. Dropped in the new filter and it is still working great. Took a while and careful reading of the shop manual to find all the components that needed service. Also I was able to get it on my scissor auto lift (barely) so I could work underneath it standing up. Use the search feature for 3010 gas in oil and you should find lots of concerns, but few answers.
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