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Mule 2510-98 model--overheating

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I have done everything I can think of to solve this problem-removed thermstat,replaced water pump,checked radiator caps,flushed water system,removed all hoses for inspection,installed temp guage,bled air from system,jumped fan to run constantly. This mule will circulate water just fine for some time then stops, have to bled system-pumps sometimes for couple hundred yards then same thing again. From cold start does good for maybe a mile if you are sure it is circulating then same thing again. Carb. heater was stoped up but have good flow now. HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP ME ON THIS.
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If you are getting air in your water system after it sets overnight, then check the tubing from the overflow tank and make sure it is not leaking air back in the system when the antifreeze cools and contracts. Other than that, it will be the cap seal or radiator is bad, and that requires a pressure test while looking for a slow air leak.

If it is the radiator, try Barr's Leak (no other brand will really work) and then working the Mule long enough for it to really warm up. Sometimes the glue that sticks the tanks to the radiator core begins to leak a bit of air and this will most often correct the problem and keeps it from progressing.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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