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Mule 3000 - how to remove belt pulley from crankshaft?

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I've got one of our Mule 3000s ready for removal of the gearbox, but I can't take it completely out until I remove the plastic back of the CVT belt cover, which in turn I can't remove until I've removed the centrifugal plates unit which is on the crankshaft.

I've removed the bolt in the center, taken off the little fan/cover assembly but the pulley won't budge. I'm assuming interference fit onto the crankshaft, can anyone confirm? Is there a proper way or a proper tool to do it, or maybe someone's done this and made their own tool that works or used a good method?

If anyone has the service manual and can pass on what that says as well until I order my own, I'd really appreciate it.

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I usually grab a long bolt that matches the threads in the pulley and use that. I havent came across a clutch that couldnt be removed with that method, as of yet. That way I dont have to spend $$$ on a special tool.
I get the bolts at a John Deere tractor dealer here.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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