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Mule 3000 - how to remove belt pulley from crankshaft?

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I've got one of our Mule 3000s ready for removal of the gearbox, but I can't take it completely out until I remove the plastic back of the CVT belt cover, which in turn I can't remove until I've removed the centrifugal plates unit which is on the crankshaft.

I've removed the bolt in the center, taken off the little fan/cover assembly but the pulley won't budge. I'm assuming interference fit onto the crankshaft, can anyone confirm? Is there a proper way or a proper tool to do it, or maybe someone's done this and made their own tool that works or used a good method?

If anyone has the service manual and can pass on what that says as well until I order my own, I'd really appreciate it.

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Thanks for the replies. I've just ordered a manual myself, and will gladly help anyone who wants information from it when I receive it.

Regarding the special tool, could you give me more details on it, please? How exactly does it cause the pulley to be freed? Not too sure what you mean about splitting the rear axles, I don't know where they can be split.

Many thanks,
Thanks to both of you for your replies. Harry, that was good for me too. I think you should start writing servicing manuals for adults, you could make some good money. I'd buy one, even if I didn't own the vehicle.

I've since bought a service manual and now understand about splitting the shafts, and I will indeed mark them prior to removing them - thanks for that bit of advice. Out of interest, when replacing the axles to the leaf springs, how do you ensure they go back in exactly the right place, as they seem to move quite happily along the leaf spring and so in theory could be tightened up on any part of it?

Yurfatmom, I'm now in the process of tracking down a bolt of the correct size (M14 x 1.5mm by at least 4" length, I think in Imperial that's something like a 9/16" x 18 threads per inch bolt). Surprisingly difficult here in the UK it seems, but I haven't given up yet.

Incidentally, if anyone needs any pages from the manual, etc., just say and I'll forward them in PDF format.

Thanks again,
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Thanks for that advice Harry, I did the same thing today and separated the axles with relative ease. Just waiting for someone to thread a bolt for me to use to remove the front converter pulley.

After taking the driveshafts out of the gearbox while it's still in situ, I found that pooled at the bottom of the hole where the lefthand one went was a pool of metallic sludge that also contained some rather large pieces of metal (2 - 3mm some of them). Looks like I was right to suspect some kind of damage inside the box for the terrible grating, clattering, grinding noise it was making which was my reason for wanting to remove it. Just wonder what the damage is now.
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