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Mule 3010 (2005) Need Parts

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Hey Guys... new to forum and need some help. I have a 2005 Mule 3010 4X4 that was a little to close to my barn when it went up in flames. I had just purcahsed the mule and didn't have any insurance on it. Needless to say it needs alittle work and I have just got around to fixing it.

The only part that was damaged was the front end. It didn't even burn the seat. But it did burn the hood, dash, headlights, steering wheel, ignition, glovebox, wiring harness.... etc. What I'm looking for is some help. Does anyone know someone who might have a salvaged mule, used parts, etc. I would love to buy all the parts from a used unit. I can't afford to buy them all from kawasaki... way to expensive. Looking for alternate solution.... any ideas???

All suggestions and comments welcome.

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I pick up Mule parts from Ebay on a regular basis. There are some aftermarket plastic sources such as Fullbore and Maier Plastics. Sidebysidesports.com is just one dealer for those.

Run an ad in your local craigslist.org, and that almost always brings someone forward that blew up an engine or tore out the transmission and now wants to sell for cheap, especially now around the holidays when cash is short.

The wiring harness might be a pain, I have never found any used ones on Ebay, but they probably exist. I would pick up a repair manual and be prepared to build new harnesses. Lights are another issue. I do not even use the Kaw lights, they just plug the holes. I pick up HID units for farm equipment from that Chinese tool supplier, Harbor Freight, and mount them up on the front roll bar. They are amazing, cost around $20 each, and put out tons more usable light than the puny Kaw units.
There is another alternative. The front end of the John Deere Gator, the original slow version that is still made for them by Kawasaki is a bolt on with very minor mods. The front of the faster lighter duty version made by Bombardier will not fit. JD is also a good alternative for other parts too, as they tend to sell them out of their dealers for about 30% less than Kaw, and seem to stock them forever, while Kaw generally only stocks for around 7 model years and then you are on your own.
Hang in there and watch craigslist.org in your area. I just picked up a rolled RZR for $1,750 - absolutely nothing wrong with it except needs a new wheel. The kid rolled it and broke his arm and collar bone from not keeping the side nets shut, and the mom panicked and sold it cheap to get it out of the kid's reach.

A little 07 Mule 610 went for under two grand a few weeks back. A guy dunked it in a lake on a duck hunting trip, and locked up the engine and did not know how to repair the thing. He took it to a dealer and they wanted $5,000 to fix it, so he collected his insurance and kept the rig. I bought it for a friend, and we spent less than $250 getting the engine cleaned up, new pistons and rings, and the water flushed from everything.

There is always someone out there that wants to be a victim of the "stupid tax." The holidays and summer vacations are really good for bargains, the kids are running around unsupervised and make a lot of cheap parts.

The parts are there, you just have to be patient and watch the free ads.
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