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Kawasaki.com under the owner info tab, has a link to their parts diagrams. You can select the parts of the engine you want to see.

The engine power can be turned up, but do not run it at a much higher rpm that it does in low range today, or you risk failure.

The best way to increase the power is to replace the main and pilot jets with jets of larger size. The factory jetting is much too lean, and by increasing the jet size you will increase the flow of fuel and make significantly more power.

I would recommend you try the site sponsor and get their recommendations for your altitude, then pick up that size and one size larger for both the pilot and the main. Try the recommended size first, then try the next size up, then settle on what works best for you. My experience is that the slightly richer main will give quite a bit more torque in high range, but you trade fuel economy for that power. The recommended size will give you enough power that you will cook along at maximum engine rpm in high gear when pulling most small grades.

Always keep in mind that this engine is an industrial design and intended for sustained power in working environments, and is not a performance design for racing. It will not handle the stresses of high power applications. But, it is certainly adequate to clip along at full throttle at designed vehicle speeds once properly tuned.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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