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I would start by making sure the oil filter being used has an anti-drainback valve. Vertically mounted filters do not have this feature, but side mounted filters require this valve. If the filter does not have this, the oil drains out and then the filter body has to be refilled before the system will pressurize.

A good filter is made by WIX. Stay away from the permanent stainless steel screen type filters, they allow grit to scrub out the bearings because they are not fine enough to catch the abrasive particles formed from diesel combustion.

If it is not the filter, and assuming the proper oil has been used, and changes were according to the maintenance interval I would not think it is bearings. But, the symptom of low pressure after drainback and setting sure points in that direction if the filter is the correct one.

If automotive gasoline engine oil was used, then I would suspect the mains, the rod bearings, and the oil pump will require inspection and anything not to tolerance replaced.

The design of the pressure relief can result in material getting stuck in the valve itself if the oil is allowed to get old and is routinely changed cold. It is easy to inspect and clean, just take a look at the parts diagrams.

The other possibilities are the oil filter may be partially clogged with gunk, the oil pickup screen in the pan may be partially clogged, or the oil pump itself may need to be replaced.

This is the type of problem that will require starting with the filter and oil, and working from there until the problem is isolated.
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