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As bikers, I know that we are prone to deep thought and reflection when rolling down the asphalt byways. For examples, I've come up with the following:

1. Does one really need heated seats when they already have hemorrhoids?

2. Can you really ever get too many farings installed on a bike?

I'd love to hear yours, as well as answers to the above. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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As I'm usually on the interstate riding to work, mine goes like this

1. Does anyone use turn signals anymore?

2. Get off the #%&*&^phone and drive!

3. That asphalt plant stinks.

4. Wonder where they're moving to? That cat looks miserable in that cage.

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1: No. Think ice pack. Seriously. I've experienced the ugly side of pregnancy nobody wants to talk about.
2: On a naked bike: yes. One fairing is too many.

my musings so far:
Should I get a windshield?
Where are we?
Dang, my fingers are cold.

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How much further can I go before I really, really have to pee?

How do birds picking roadkill know exactly when to take off so I don't have to let up on the throttle?

Is icy-hot better than bengay?

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"Unhuhn, don't even think about lane shufflin' right now, Buddy"
"Pretty day today if the wind would let up"
"Hey? whats that floa-ARRGGHH! MY FACE! $$*#-ng %&!! ^%##!!"

*Heating the air around me daily with spirited invective*
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I wonder how cool I look? I better turn up the evil biker sneer a notch


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"Hey kid, get that finger out of your nose. Hey kid, you'd better not be thinking of sticking that finger in your mouth.........HEY KID, DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!............Hey kid, how's that taste?"
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