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I bought an '03 Vulcan 1600 Classic last year. I like it, but thinking about things to soften the ride a bit. I see that a lot of people go with Mustang seats, or Corbin (seems less so than Mustang.) And some recommend air/gel seat pads.
Curious, if you've stepped up to a different seat, what kind, and do you notice a significant difference?
I'm wondering if the money might be better spent an possible suspension improvements.
It's certainly not too bad, just thinking about an improvement before the snow melts and the sun comes out again here.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks

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A different seat is DEFINITELY worth it. On cruisers I liked Mustang seats. On my current rides, Sargent. Others like Laam, Mayer, Corbin, Russell and several others. Problem is everyone's butt is different so what works for some may not work for others. Check out bike nights in the spring if you find any and scope out the different ones. Some folks might even let you sit on some. There's always used bikes to check out too.
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