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My 06 z750

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My everyday rider and weekend toy


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Nice, lynn. That bike should still be part of Kawi's line-up.
How's that seat for you? Annoying as hell isn't it?
nice bike. I briefly wanted one but still find myself looking towards the Z1000 :mrgreen:
yeah....the seat kinda sucks. it's hard to sit back on it you slide forward. it a little to narrow at the front and it slopes down. overall it's not that bad, but I do have a buddy working on a new on for me
my weekend co-rider loves her's.
she...unfortunantely is on her second of this bike.
Yeah I had a buddy who owned the exact same one as you...I got to drive it only 2 times...then it was destroyed by a car who decided to cut in front of him. 2200km on the bike. We could still smell the "new" of the bike.
corbin seat will fix the forward slide.here is pick of my 750s at the toys for tots run in chicago dec.08
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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