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my SECOND ZRX1100. had to sell my first one for my return to PHOENIX :cry:
it has a custom cut down seat.
and the red thing is my lock , i just let it lay there while i worked on it.
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i just purchased my first, 1999 zrx1100. its also my first motorcycle. i'm 25 and feel im get'n too old for the rockets and not ready to jump on a cruiser yet. only problem i had was trying to find a good jacket. so i ended up with an prety good black icon leather jacket

Icon Merc Hero Leather Jacket - Black - BikerPerformance.com

and a black hjc helmet.

was there ever any jackets made to mach the bike?
my bike is green w/ white/purple stripe too by the way.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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