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My experiences with Vance & Hines on EX500

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Sorry if I ramble a bit... :)

I just got through adding a Vance and Hines exhaust to my bike, and ran into a few issues that I thought people should be aware if they are considering this system.

First off, the headers didn't line up with the engine properly. I'm told this is fairly common with 3rd party exhausts, and it wasn't much of an issue, except the gasket I needed was backordered. :( Once everything was hung and in place, we ran into issues with the lower fairing not fitting properly. A small piece needed to be removed from the inside of the scoop to give room to the new pipes. Next, the rear mounts for the fairing needed to be shimmed down almost an inch and toward the right side of the bike about the same. This gave some room between the pipe running down the side of the bike, and the side of the fairing. Insulating tape was also used to prevent nasty melting problems.

Once the fairing was on the next problem we realized was with the new mount for the center stand. The new pipes run through where the stand is originally positioned, so brackets are provided to move it back a few inches. Unfortunately the way the bracket is engineered, it doesn't allow you to tighten the bolt enough to prevent it stand from hitting the chain, if you still plan on using it, since the bolt is also the axle for the stand. I will be removing the stand to solve this problem shortly. For now I just tightened the bolt enough to keep the stand from moving.

The final issue comes in with the rear brake pedal. Travel on the pedal is reduced by about 30-40% due to interference with the exhaust. I am investigating tightening the pedal so I don't lose braking power.

Another thing of note: With the fairing slightly relocated, I bottomed out on a hard right lean with a passenger and slightly scratched the bottom of the fairing.

With all the problems it has caused, it DOES add a good amount of power, and I feel it is a worthwhile upgrade, as long as you are aware of what you are getting into with it.

I can add pictures if there is any interest.

Hope this helps someone out there!
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Dude, we always want pictures :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Im getting ready to order this system, has anyone had similar issues? Specifically with a 94+?
What kind of carb tuning did you do to get it to run properly? Any rejetting?
Aight, for everyone who has the ex500 and wants a new exhaust READ THIS!!! I rocked the V and H 2-1 system and i have no complaints. The hardest part was getting the new headers on, and all that took was a little bit of wiggling to get both to fit on right without taking the radiator off. Trust me putting this system on is a piece of cake. As far as cutting the fairing/ putting the centerstand back on, dont worry about it, its nothing. This whole job should take you about 2.5 hours assuming you get the headers on in a jiffy (thats the only thing that can potentially take any amount of time). When I got this system rocking, i warmed up the bike (its 15 degrees in the chi-town suburbs) and reved up the beast, i had my neighbors coming to my garage wondering WTF was going on. This system is loud compared to stock, but in IL, i doubt its enough to get you into too much trouble, and 5-0 out here have nothing better to do but pinch kids on loud exhaust and subs so you should be fine. Vance and Hines have made a quality product and im glad to rock it on my bike. The whole thing ships in 2 pieces aside from the center stand bracket and hardware and was a sinch to install. If you have any questions, PM me and ill give you a hand where i can.
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