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My first bike, is it a bit too much? near 1 litre

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OK let me start this whole thread with this first.
I am 24, an experienced driver (car, I track race and auto-x sports cars) and hate broken bones, which means I dont "stunt" or want to, doing tricks on bikes looks cool but you would never catch my ass standing on one peg with the bike standing straight up and holding on with one hand.

Alright now let me tell you bout the bike.
I got an unbeatable deal on a 85 Ninja ZX900/GPX900
Picked it up for $500 but it needs new carbs, (well just one)

I rode my buddies 2k2 GSX-R 750 and managed to drive it pretty well for my first time ever driving a bike.

But then I sat on my 900 and it feels alot heavier just sitting on it and moving it around, its also more of a stretch for me and im 5'10".
Its just all around a bigger, heavier bike.

I figured cause its old and tired the 900cc motor is prob closer to a newer 750cc motor in power , but im kinda concerned about the weight.

So heres my question, is there any tips for riding a bike of this year and weight as basically my first bike ?

I would apreciate a few helpfull pointers if it will help to keep me safer.

thanks in advance
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You should be able to loosen the bolts that clamp the clutch master cylinder to the bar and rotate the cylinder to bring your lever up.
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