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This mule is used for training dogs (roading/running) and west Texas quail hunting. Very rough terrain, rocks, mesquite/cedar trees and lots of cactus.

Skid Plates--Do I need them and if so what brand and type?

Rear Lights--I need to mount the lights where branches and such will not damage them. What brand and how should I mount them?

Winches--Front and rear, used mainly for attaching to the trailer or do you have a better idea? I mounted a tool box inside the front of my 12' trailer for training supplies and when I drive the mule in it placed the rear axle behind the axle of the trailer causing fishtailing at highway speeds. So now I back the mule in which places the rear axle forward of the axles of the trailer, problem solved. But, I have torn one ratchet strap and thought the winches would be a better idea. What kind of winches do you recommend and is the front bumper mount sufficient? How and where do you attach the rear winch?

Battery/Alternator--Do I need a bigger battery/alternator for the additional lights and winches? If so, what brand and where?

Is there anything else you would recommend?

Where is the least expensive internet site for accessories?

Thanks in advanced.

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Congrats on your new mule, when it comes to winches we use Warn only and all of the rest of the accessories that you have mentioned are all Kawasaki Accessories available at www.buykawasaki.com for viewing, when you find what you need call us here at Beartooth Kawasaki and we will save you 10% and free shipping on Mule parts and accessory orders over $350.00, be careful hauling your mule backwards as your hood will fly up.!
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