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My new klr650

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:cry: :? Hey Guys,
I having problems with my new klr 650.
Ever since my first start up and test ride, I have noticed a strange ticking noise coming from the top right hand side of the engine (Throttle side). The noise is evident at idle and even when I accelerate it continuse but is drowned by the loud engine.
Can this possibly be a manufactuers mistake in shimming the valves properly?? I need only serious answers and opinions please as I am furious that my bike could have a possible problem. [/color]
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Pete, welcome to the forum!
I cannot directly address your problem so I will save you the frustration of speculation.
The forum is obviously very new so please just give it a minute and I'm sure that "Kawi" (Jim from Beartooth Kawasaki) will jump in here and be able to give you some insight as to what you may be experiencing.
Hello Pete welcome, actually it could be a couple of things but you are on the right track , you need to take it in to your dealer ASAP and have them
take a look at it. You have warranty so you should have no worries! 8)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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