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My newest mod, what do you think?

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Just added the velocity charger this weekend while it was snowing.
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Looks pretty badazz to me. Good stuff!
looks niiiiiiiice!!!!
I love my hypercharger...looks awesoem on your ride
Beauty mate.
got any bigger pics? These eyes ain't gettin' any younger....
I likee.
Laced wheel on the front? very interestin' indeed.
got a better pic ?
Have you installed PCIII
It does have a spoke front wheel. I am trying it out to see how I like it.
I installed the PCIII when I installed the Cobra pipes. I am curremtly using a downloaded map but am going to dyno it sometime this winter.
Will work on larger pictures this weekend.
Looks really good! Any prob hittin your knee?
No problems at all hittin my knee. Actually stickes out less that the stock set-up.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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