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Had a PM about how I mounted my kuryakyn silver bullets on my strut cover so decided to give something back to the forum. Difficulty level maybe 2 out of 5, about 2 hours but I took my time and didn't have a good DIY to follow.

First the parts list:

Used the bullet light mounting kit for metrics:

Küryakyn - Metric - Bullet Light Mounting Kit

And the larger halogen silver bullets, I thought the larger bullets would be safer.
NOTE: Kury says these bullets are not DOT approved so use at your own risk!

Küryakyn - Metric - Silver Bullets with 3/8"-16 Hollow Mounting Bolt

And the lens kit; the lights come with a clear lens.

Küryakyn - Metric - Lenses for Silver Bullets

I'll skip ahead to the final install. Sorry I didn't take any pics during the install but it was easy.

OK here we go!

Step 1: Remove stock rear turn signals and make a note of which wires are for the left and which for the right. Each turn signal has 2 wires, power and ground. You won't need the ground as the bullets are internally grounded.

Step 2: Remove the rear and front allen bolts out of the strut cover. You will reuse the washer with the rubber piece from the rear bolt. Remove the plastic strut cover being careful not to scratch it. I wish it was metal but oh well, no rust worries.

Step 3: You will need to drill a hole in the fender under the rear strut hole. The new bullet wiring will go through the hole and be routed under the fender. I used a small drill bit at first to drill a pilot hole then the large bit to finish it up. I didn't want to crack the plastic fender.

Step 4: Screw the bolt that came with the mounting kit into the rear strut to ensure it goes through the fender. My drilled hole was a little tight so I had to screw the bolt in a couple of times to have it go in correctly. Wow that sounds bad! Remove bolt, reinstall chrome strut cover then reinstall front stock bolt and new rear hollow bolt with the washer and nut inside the fender and the old washer with rubber piece under the bolt head.

Step 5: Wiring-splice in the power wire for each bullet. The bullets get mounted on to the kit bolt with the wire going through the hollow bolt. Ensure you route all the wires neatly inside the fender so they won't fall down and wrap around the tire. I used zip ties. This step took the longest as I wanted the install to be "invisible". Test each light for proper blinkage. I forget which color wire was power but it was obvious.

Step 6: Adjust each bullet so it sits horizontal then tighten the nut. The hollow bolt should be screwed all the way in. I didn't have to cut the bolt as it did not interfere with anything when screwed all the way in.

Step 7: Remove old lens and install either the red lens or the amber lens. Legally they can be either color if only used for turn signals. If you plan on using them as running lights they have to be red. I used red because it matched by bike better and I might wire them as running lights later. Kury also sell a universal brake/running light kit that will work on the custom.

Step 8: Polish up the bullets and admire your work!:cool:

If you ever need to replace the bulb Home Depot sell the outdoor M16 20 watt halogen bulb that works for about $7. They look exactly like the bulbs that come with the bullets.

Also, if you put a side plate on you can completely remove the black plastic flap from under the fender.

Good luck!

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The one thing I forgot (but it's mentioned in the instructions that came with the bullets) is to use some sealant in the end of the hollow bolts after you're done. It will keep water out of the hollow bolt and prevent water from entering the bullets.
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